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Waiting for Recovery

A lot has happened since our last blog in January. We were hoping for a better year and so far, our hopes haven’t materialized completely. What appears to be working, finally, is the vaccination campaign, despite the issues with planning and administration. There is a reduction in the number of Covid cases and we appear to be breathing somewhat easier. Another positive sign is the demand for seeds and plants at the local stores. At the farm, we planted three fruit trees and have put in a full garden, complete with Ma and Pa scarecrows, compliments of our grandson Ayden. As we were doing maintenance chores at Salamanders, we noted a good many people boating, canoeing and kayaking along the Rideau Reach. This past Saturday, the dock in front of the restaurant was dotted with avid fishermen, parents with their kids dropping a line and looking for the illusive muskie that sometimes drifts up our way. All out of doors, obviously…

What has been difficult for businesses is the successive closures and openings. We can’t help but think that Provincial officials are not paying attention to the science: restaurants have not been a source of Covid contamination and yet, here we are closed tighter than drums. Liane and Beth have been able to sustain an active take-out service from Thursday to Saturday and the patio is ready to go, with the annual flower display in place. We are able to open the patio today. This is what we need to begin the process of recovery. We have made effective use of the shut-down for doing maintenance, upkeeps and refits. Our maintenance team is still on site every Saturday morning getting things done in preparation for the day we can open our patio gates. Meanwhile, Paul has been providing his weekly recipe to the North Grenville Times Food Corner.

We hope that you have been well. Some folks have reported Covid cases close to them, but fortunately, our tight bubble hasn’t heard of anyone seriously ill. It’s nice to be out in the country where we are more accustomed to being outdoors and active than city folk.

So, let’s continue to trust that 2021 will put us on a new track. Let’s face it, we will never get back to the old “normal”. We will, in fact, be faced with a new standard for behaviour: we will be smarter and more cautious about taking care of our health Let’s continue to pull together for the final bit and remember what we have learned during these troubled times.

See you on the Salamanders patio!