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So, we’re Canadjuns, eh?

We are a very recognizable folk, ya know. We have travelled far and abroad, and people in other countries get to spot us pretty quickly. In Paris, for example, all Grandpa Paul had to do when he was doing some work over there was speak one sentence in the language of Molière and the restaurant staff would know that he was from Canada. This gave rise to him recounting the story of the Acadians and the Cajuns, to a rapt audience and extra kind service.

People love Canadians. We are kind, polite (almost apologetic), take the time to talk to people and always very helpful. Though there are probably some around, most Canadians represent our country well as a peace-loving, generous and unassuming people. Even those Canadians who have made their living in other countries like the US are recognizable: Jim Carrey, Lorne Greene, Alex Trebek. Our hockey players are without doubt the best. And, yes, we did invent basketball, no matter what that other country says. And, we have this huge country with very few people, relatively speaking.

We at Salamanders have welcomed folks from all over the world in the many years we have been in downtown Kemptville: lots of visitors from below the border, but also people from France, England, China, Chile, the Netherlands and all. It has been our privilege to serve them and show them just a tiny bit of Canada. Conversely, our guests travel the world and you might want to check in on our Salamanders collection brought home by those good people who remember our kindness to them.

So, Canada Day is our way of celebrating all that is good about our country. We don’t make a great splash about it as in other places but we don’t need to. We know what we have: just the best darn place to raise a family and live well in the entire world… We know it, maybe we just need to say it more often. Happy Canada Day from the team at Salamanders of Kemptville! See you Sunday on the patio!

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