• Personal,  Update

    Waiting for Recovery

    A lot has happened since our last blog in January. We were hoping for a better year and so far, our hopes haven’t materialized completely. What appears to be working, finally, is the vaccination campaign, despite the issues with planning and administration. There is a reduction in the number of Covid cases and we appear to be breathing somewhat easier. Another positive sign is the demand for seeds and plants at the local stores. At the farm, we planted three fruit trees and have put in a full garden, complete with Ma and Pa scarecrows, compliments of our grandson Ayden. As we were doing maintenance chores at Salamanders, we noted…

  • Events,  Update

    Lights Out at Salamanders

    The idea of a large scale switch off was coined and developed in 2006 as an initiative in Australia to engage the public on the issue of climate change. Originally called “The Big Flick,” the very first Earth Hour was March 31, 2007 at 7:30 pm, local time. In October of that year, San Francisco, California followed suit. 2008 was the first year that Earth Hour was held internationally. Earth Hour 2008 was celebrated on all seven continents. Landmarks all around the world turned off their non-essential lighting for Earth Hour, including: –  Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia); –  Empire State Building (New York City); –  Sears Tower (now Willis…