Your Pooch Needs a Reservation at Salamanders

In 2020, the Province of Province’s Bill 132 stated that dogs would be allowed on outdoor patios; they are also allowed inside premises where low-risk food such as pre-packaged foods, fresh fruit and snacks are sold alongside wine, beer and spirits. It is up to restaurant owners to decide how to welcome dogs to restaurants. Salamanders policy is as follows.
1) In order to include a dog in your party on the patio, you will need to include it in your reservation. You will all be placed alongside the fence of the patio and your dog will need to be leashed and tied to the outside of the fence. Water for your dog will be provided by wait staff. The reasons for your pooch being on the outside of the fence are: a) some of our clients are very allergic to dog fur or hair; and some of our clients have had bad experiences with dogs in the past and may be fearful.
2) Dogs will not be welcomed indoors at the restaurant because we serve nothing but food prepared on site; there is nothing pre-packaged about the food that we serve. Allergies and fear of dogs in an enclosed area also apply.
3) All service dogs are welcome at Salamanders, both outside and inside. The owner of the dog needs to carry a Service Dog certification from an authorized person or agency. On-line certifications purchased for the express purpose of by-passing the rules of engagement are not acceptable.
The owners of Salamanders operate LilyPond Australian Shepherds and as breeders, we are well versed in dog behaviours. We request that our guests respect the needs of others and help us make your dog welcome. Please don’t argue with the wait staff or the Salamanders owner representative that you are “allowed” into the restaurant with your dog if you are unwilling to comply with our policy. Salamanders is private property, the equivalent of our home and we will always ensure that all of our guests are comfortable and safe at all times. This includes managing the visits by our canine friends as we have for the past 14 years.