The New Normal

So, here it is, February of 2022 and we are living in The New Normal. You surely remember the old normal, right? Where there was handshaking, hugging old friends, closeness at concerts, theaters and restaurants, a clean face with no masks, none of that slimy stuff on your hands, travel to other parts of the country and to other countries, all like that. The New Normal talks to being nervous a lot of the time. We are nervous about doing all of the things we were used to before and long to do again.
Salamanders has re-opened, after intermittent closures not many of which were dictated by science but more by politics. Imagine restaurants being lumped in with strip joints. Since we are a family restaurant, we found this particularly insulting. However, here we are now; and here also are our devoted guests, trooping back to welcome us back. While we were able to sustain ourselves during the Take-Out period, thanks again to these same great and supportive customers, we are now gearing up again, renewing our décor and our menus, spiffing up our client service with a new tablet based ordering system and generally getting our pots and pans out of the cupboard. Mind you, we are not yet completely open, only from Thursday to Sunday, for the time being, while we rebuild our staff complement heading into spring.
We are looking forward to greater times: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and hopefully, an early opening to the patio season, complete with our new challenged access gate, our new monogrammed umbrellas and our new menu for spring. We are so looking forward to resuming complete attention to our mission of providing tasty and wholesome meals cooked and prepared on-site at Salamanders by Liane and her team of merry cooker-uppers. We are so looking forward to seeing our old friends, bare-faced and smiling.
So, as they say in New Orleans, “let the good times roll” once again. Those times may now be different but as human beings, we are nothing but adaptable. And “this too will pass”, as we learn new skills of working with each other under the dark shadows cast by flus and epidemics.
We hope to see you again soon at Salamanders of Kemptville, our home away from home.