We love kids…

One of the great joys of the Salamanders team is the kids…We think that it’s the quiet atmosphere of our home away from home that has kids enjoying our surroundings. We have no televisions and our music is soft, so folks are able to enjoy quiet conversation that includes the young ‘uns. Ok, so once and a while a wee one will act out but most of the time, we are blessed with children who sit and enjoy our food along with their parents and grandparents. It’s not that we believe that “well-behaved” kids should act like smaller adults: frankly, folks, we have had more adults acting out than their younger counterparts. No, it’s just that the children who visit us seem to know that Salamanders is a special place where people respect them and care about them.

And then, there are the babies…It’s absolutely wonderful when parents who have been visiting us eventually show up with their tiny newborn son or daughter. More often than not, the baby gets whisked off by Liane or Beth for a staff show and tell. Then, as we have watched many of them grow up, they graduate from their car seats to our high chairs and eventually to normal seating. First the babies start with their formula warmed up in Salamanders’ kitchen, then eventually go through a heck of a lot of orders of hot dogs and chicken fingers. Eventually, they start having junior orders of our menu and, we hope, developing their taste buds for our Cajun and Low-Country cooking. Children are our guests of tomorrow…

Another terrific experience for Salamanders staff is when several generations of a family come in to enjoy each others’ company. So, we get from the Grandma and Grandpa, through the parents right down to the kids in various stages of growth. We have even had four generations for truly special events, where the little ones are the great grand-children of the family elders. So, bring unto us the little children…Please…And thank you. We are Salamanders of Kemptville and we love kids.

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