What makes our guests welcome…

From time to time, some people arrive at Salamanders without any knowledge of how to behave in a restaurant. It’s quite amazing really, to have otherwise good people order servers around or actually abuse them, argue over the contents of a dish, smash dishes in a hissy fit or refuse to move from a reserved table. This only applies to a select few: the great majority of our guests are calm, courteous and a joy to serve and to be with.
So, we thought it might be important to talk about what makes our guests welcome at Salamanders of Kemptville.
1. Our guests need to recognize that we are a private business operating under government regulations aimed at protecting the health and safety of patrons and of our kitchen and wait staff. We will ask a guest to leave if there is any behaviour that disrupts the enjoyment of other clients and we will refuse to serve anyone who abuses our staff or another guest.
2. Abusive behaviour particularly applies to those persons who are intoxicated. We are a family restaurant that has alcohol available to accompany meals. We are not a bar. Don’t come in drunk; if we notice that you are, we will ask you to leave. If you ask for an inordinate amount of alcohol with the obvious goal of becoming drunk, we will refuse to serve you. If you show the intention to drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol on our premises, we will help you find transportation, ask for your keys or even involve the police, if need be.
3. Our kitchen staff prepare the best of food with the best of ingredients “from scratch”. Issues of food preparation that are brought to the kitchen’s attention courteously are dealt with quickly and just as courteously. We welcome feedback; please do it nicely and we will respond in kind.
4. If you have an “accident” in one of our washrooms, don’t hesitate to let us know. Everyone at one time has had a washroom issue. We simply need to know so that we can clean up for the other guests who may use the washroom. Also, please let us know if there any supplies missing from any of our washrooms; while we check each and every day, we can run short due to high guest volumes.
5. Salamanders has a well-organized table set-up and we always recommend you call ahead of time to let us know that you are joining us for lunch or dinner. We can even accommodate folks who walk in but not always; sometimes, to our great regret, we have to turn people away. When you come to our restaurant, we ask you to wait till you are seated by a Salamanders team member. This will avoid the embarrassing situation of our having to ask you to move to a table that has not been reserved.

We wish to thank you for your kind consideration of these remarks on “how to be a welcome guest” at Salamanders of Kemptville and look forward to serving you in the months to come.

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