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The Feast of St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day or “the day of the Festival of Patrick” is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional date of Saint Patrick. St. Paddy is, of course, the patron saint of Ireland since about the 5th Century (a real old guy).

Now it has come to pass that St. Patrick’s Day has developed a number of symbols over the years:

*  There is the traditional Wearing of the Green on that day (you know, as per The Emerald Isle);

*  There is the Celtic Cross (check the movie Gangs of New York for a rather violent explanation);

*  Leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold at the end of them (à la Finian’s Rainbow); and, of course the inevitable;

*  Shamrock (they are part of Ireland’s unique greenery).

A goodly number of people become absolutely and definitely Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Some observe church services, some others march in parades; others flock to pubs to engage in arm exercises as they hoist beer (sometimes tinted green) in celebration.

So, why wouldn’t Salamanders of Kemptville turn green and Irish for St. Patrick’s Day? We’re going to concentrate on the word “Feast.” On Friday, March 17th, we will be serving Guinness Stew (with a Guinness or a Jameson to accompany, if you wish), served over Colcannon (look it up, why doncha). For the soup of the day, we’ll be dishing out a Red Ale and Cheddar Cheese Soup. Alongside, don’t be surprised if you find some Irish Soda Bread. And for a sweet, you’ll wish to try our Bailey’s Irish Cream Brownies.

Call ahead, please. We love to hear from you. 613-258-2630.Thanks and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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