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The 5 C’s

Salamanders of Kemptville prides itself in its 5C cooking: Cajun, Creole and Low Country Cooking with a Canadian Twist. This results from our family’s history and travels over the years.

First of all, our Cormier name and family originated in Acadia, the 18th century French colony established just North of Halifax, Nova Scotia. So, Salamanders has a number of Acadian-inspired family dishes, which tend to be more French Canadian. Meanwhile, of course, the Acadians were expelled from Nova Scotia in 1755 and some 165 families ended up in the French colony of Louisiana. Over time, Acadians became Cajuns, with typical dishes from that region, involving a fair amount of fish and seafood and distinctive spices. It’s only a hop, skip and jump to include Creole dishes that also have their unique flavours, but are very French fusion.

Finally, our family has enjoyed many trips into the low County of the US. We particularly enjoy the food from South Carolina (e.g. the Hilton Head area), Georgia and Florida. These states have an excellent cuisine and we are happy to interpret them to Canadian taste buds. That’s the point, by the way: the culinary mission of the Salamanders kitchen team is to bring Cajun, Creole and Low County cooking to the colder climes of Canada and to the particular taste buds of Canadians. We hope you enjoy this fusion of flavours!