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    What Does “From Scratch” Mean?

    Salamanders cooks “from scratch”. We have been told that our kitchen is the “toughest to work in” because all our dishes are prepared “from scratch”. To create a dish from scratch is defined as making it without any ingredients or materials prepared ahead of time; but what does this mean, practically speaking? Some restaurants cook “in a bag”, meaning that they get their materials prepared elsewhere and they either drop it in the deep fryer or stick it in the microwave. There are literally thousands of restaurants across Canada serving the same dishes that were prepared elsewhere. Restaurants go out of their way to give these pre-cooked meals sexy names,…

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    Busy, Dizzy and Happy – The Salamanders Team

    Busy, Dizzy and Happy The Salamanders Team Since February of last year, all heck has broken loose. Salamanders has been going crazy with our faithful old clients returning from the Covid isolation in droves and new folks “discovering” us. We are very grateful for everyone coming in for a Salamanders “fix” and there are times when we are run off our feet. Part of the issue is the labour issue that you have heard so much about. Liane and Beth have been keeping the place going in the kitchen and on the floor with our faithful few, good people like Ally, Deborah, Glenda, Joel, Maia, Shane… Some other folks have…

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    The New Normal

    So, here it is, February of 2022 and we are living in The New Normal. You surely remember the old normal, right? Where there was handshaking, hugging old friends, closeness at concerts, theaters and restaurants, a clean face with no masks, none of that slimy stuff on your hands, travel to other parts of the country and to other countries, all like that. The New Normal talks to being nervous a lot of the time. We are nervous about doing all of the things we were used to before and long to do again. Salamanders has re-opened, after intermittent closures not many of which were dictated by science but more…