Getting Ready…

We are all privileged, in a very real sense. First, we are Canadians; second, we have a chance of a life-time to celebrate a very special birthday, Canada’s 150th. When you consider what other people are going through across the world, we in Canada have a great deal to be thankful for. One of the first things we hear from refugees who find a new home in Canada is how secure they feel compared to how they felt back in their own countries, often in turmoil.

So, let’s take the time to celebrate! But not only celebrate – we need to also appreciate. When we sit down as families and friends on Saturday, July 1st and enjoy some summer drinks and a meal together, we should be able to feel grateful that we are in a country where we can actually enjoy ourselves without much of a second thought.

The Salamanders Team is gearing up for a fine day of enjoyment. We will welcome the children – as we always do – with a cookie station. Parents can enjoy some Red and White drinks and desserts. We hope Mother Nature will join in and give us a superb Patio Day. All this is to celebrate the fact that our country has been in existence now for 150 years; and that we appreciate it; and that we enjoy it; and that we want to mark it as a special, once in a life-time day…

Happy Birthday, Canada!

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