Weddings, we’ve got weddings…

When the cold winds of winter and the icy rain of April finally leave our area, a young man’s – and a young woman’s – fancy turns to love. And so, they make it official and they wed…

Weddings are time for a great deal of preparation, a few short days of hectic activity and celebration and a couple of weeks of a honeymoon trip, very often in some exotic place. Some weddings are more sedate and concentrate on the spiritual side of the event; others are more raucous and involve much drinking, music, dancing and laughter. One thing is certain, every wedding is a one-off day of happiness and special in its own way. 

At Salamanders of Kemptville, we have enjoyed celebrating many weddings with our guests. For small wedding parties we close one side of our restaurant and patio for the event. We plan the menu, help the organizers decorate, ensure the cake is delivered on time and generally try to reduce the stress associated with the amount of preparation going into a very concentrated day of celebration. When you book Salamanders for a wedding, there is no charge for the use of our space: everything is included in the price of the food and drink.

For larger weddings, Salamanders makes our farm available. The Forest at LilyPond is a 200 acre eco-farm located in the highlands just above Merrickville. “The Farm,” as it is affectionately called by our family can be set up for any size of wedding, featuring marquee tents and lots of activity such as hay rides, a horse-shoe pitch and sand volleyball court. We have seen our guests, fresh out of the wedding ceremony and still wearing their outfits, kick off their shoes and just enjoy the day. One of the tents contains a dance floor and you can select live or DJ music for the event. Of course, there are full change facilities in case guests wish to have a swim in our pool.So, whether you are on a tight budget or have a bit more to spend, Salamanders of Kemptville can customize wedding activities to your needs. We can help with the rehearsal supper, the gift opening brunch as well as the reception itself. We are linked with a broad range of service agencies that provide everything from wedding photos to limos. Just give Liane a call: she’ll be happy to sit down with you and figure out a package that will suit you.

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  • Melanie


    We are planning a 50th wedding anniversary for July 3rd or July 17th (Covid willing) and were wondering whether you do private catering? We are looking at hosting a lunch with approx 30-35 ppl so it would not be a huge event.

    My parents have enjoyed many meals at your restaurant over the years and we thought it would be nice to try and include your business.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    ~ Melanie

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