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What’s a MURT?

We at Salamanders of Kemptville take great pride in the cleanliness and decor of our site. But do you realize the kind of effort goes into ensuring that we are always putting our best foot forward? This effort is due to the hard work of our MURT, that is, our Maintenance, Upkeep and Refit Team.

Let’s start with the mission of our Team, which is posted in our servery:

“The mission of the Salamanders Maintenance, Upkeep and Refit Team is to exceed regulatory compliance in ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, order and safety in all operations:

* For maintenance, to maintain our equipment to the maximum efficiency possible;

* For upkeep, to provide a high level of husbandry and an engaging decor for the greater comfort and security of our guests;

* For refit; to perform major and minor refit projects that enhance the overall effectiveness, safety and appeal of our restaurant.”

So, how do we live up to this high standard?

1. The Team is on site cleaning and tidying up every Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

2. We follow a weekly Maintenance, Upkeep and Refit Checklist that is posted in our servery every Tuesday morning.

3. We steam clean the floors, rather than mop them twice weekly.

4. We have a composting program by which all compostable material is taken to our farm where it becomes beautiful planting soil in a matter of three months (winter and summer).

5. Of course, all that can be recycled, is.

6. Our used cooking oil is sent for transformation into bio-fuel.

7. Anything left that is non-compostable or non-recyclable gets bagged for removal to waste management sites.

We are blessed with a great team: Paul, the patriarch of the family, acts as Lead; Steve and Ayden ably manage infrastructure requirements and Emma is in charge of decor. The very talented Emma is doing a particularly fine job of varying our decor according to the season. It is quite a sight to see the full team in operation on any given Saturday morning with everyone scurrying around as if we were getting ready for Act 1 of a very special play. When it is opening time, you will find us having a well-deserved lunch together.

Springtime is coming to Downtown Kemptville. The Salamanders patio will once again abound with gorgeous floral arrangements complementing our wrought iron summer furniture. And once again, the Maintenance, Upkeep and Refit Team will ensure that you lunch and dine in beautiful surroundings that match with the quality of our great food.